ArtBoard Review

Publisher: MapDiva, LLC–Price: $19.99–ArtBoard is a Mac application that allows you to create stunning images on your computer. It includes loads of content with the download, including textures, shapes, and backgrounds, which are very useful when you are creating images. The thing about Artboard that sets it apart from other software is that it’s meant to make art and drawings, not really edit or create images like some other graphics software on the Mac App Store. One of the things that I really liked when testing out ArtBoard was the simple user interface. If you are lost, head to the MapDiva website, where they have some awesome tutorials. Most graphic editing apps, especially the more complex ones like PhotoShop, have complicated interfaces with loads of menus and buttons jumping out from all over the place. ArtBoard has just a few simple menus on top, for colors, fonts, tools, styles, and layers, which makes the application easy to get accustomed to and fun to use. Like I said earlier, the best aspect ArtBoard offers is the loads of content: there are hundreds of styles, shapes, and graphics that are ready to use right out of the box: all you do is drag and drop whatever you need. Like most other graphics apps, ArtBoard offers an abundance of tools to get the job done easily and  accurately. The fact that ArtBoard isn’t one of those complicated graphics apps that cost hundreds of dollars really makes it pretty attractive. Overall, it’s stable, has a simple interface, loads of content, and a great price tag. My verdict is, if you want a good art app for cheap, this is for sure one of the best ones. 10 out of 10, Thumbs up!

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  1. This is some really awesome stuff. I’m overwhelmed by the quality of your site

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