iPad 2: Hot or Not?

Apple just released the iPad 2 on March 2. The new model boasts two cameras, a 10 hour battery life, and a new “A5 chip” for faster processing, all in a 15% lighter and 33% thinner design. It also comes in white, and ships in both colors from day one (March 11 for US, March 25 for twenty six other countries). iPad made history last year when it was the first device of its kind, and millions of people instantly purchased it right when it was released. In fact, 100+ million people purchased it in just nine months! Without a doubt, it has made its mark in 2010, but will the new and improved iPad make as big of an impact in 2011? To date, there are about sixty five thousand applications designed just for iPad, plus all the other iPhone apps (but those really don’t look as good on the 10 inch display). The thing about the iPad that entices people is that, unlike the iPhone or iPod Touch, the iPad really has potential to replace a computer, and its weight obviously redefines portable (at 1.3 pounds, it can’t be beat). The two new cameras are a nice addition, but I still think holding the whole iPad up to take a video could be awkward. Also, the biggest complaint everyone had with the iPad (all the iDevices for that matter) still hasn’t been resolved: no flash support. This is an especially big problem for iPad, as if it wants to be a potential computer replacement, flash support is crucial. Overall, though, the iPad 2 brings some much needed improvements that puts the iPad well ahead of its competition, especially because the price is the same, despite all the new features. I’m sure iPad 2 will gain an overwhelming success in the next few weeks and months, and despite a few small problems, I think the iPad 2 is definitely smoking hot!


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