Neon Battle HD Review

Publisher: Chillingo Ltd–Price: $0.99–Neon Battle is an arcade game for iDevice, where you are battling against an opponent by trying to break their protective wall. What’s great about the game is the multiplayer mode, which makes the game more engaging and fun in general. My first impression of the game was a retro arcade game with a modern kick, and the graphics were actually quite good. The dark background makes the explosions look like fireworks, and adds definition to the other elements in the game. There are three modes in Neonbattle: Deathmatch, Quick Battle, and survival, which are quite different. Quick battle is ideal if you’re up for a one to two minute game, but deathmatch and survival can take a while. These three modes are also available for multiplayer. The game also has a very detailed tutorial, which was especially useful for a game like this, as I didn’t even know where to start. The one thing I didn’t get with Neonbattle was why there was Game Center integration, as well as Crystal for multiplayer gaming. My suggestion is to streamline this aspect: it seems useless to have both Game Center and Crystal. The sensible choice would be to switch everything to Game Center, because most iDevice owners already have an account to start. Overall, I liked Neonbattle: it was a modern take on what seemed like a retro game. With that said, I didn’t understand the whole network situation, so it gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me, Thumbs up.


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