Subway Line Review

Publisher: Handmark, Inc–Price: $1.99–Everyone loves a fun arcade game once in a while! Subway Line is a retro arcade game where you have to guide various subways to their destinations, and gets progressively harder (especially during rush hour). The gameplay is simple, you touch a track to move it either horizontal or vertical so a train can pass. On the right there’s a status bar with your remaining “health” and the speed the trains are passing at. There are 5 scenarios, each a little bit harder, called lines. What’s nice about this is that playing the same scenario over and over gets boring quite fast, but with some variety in the game, I for one was playing the game for a much longer time. One thing I liked about the app was the themed user interface, it seemed like I was looking at a moving subway map while playing, and the menus were cleverly rendered to match the game’s effect. Subway Line also includes a good tutorial, which is especially important for games. Other features like Game Center integration and the ability to publish scores on Twitter added brawn to the game. I liked Subway Line overall, but I felt there was something missing, like a new game mode (timed, or all rush hour), or maybe just some more levels. Five stages to me isn’t enough for a paid application. With that said, the gameplay is original, and the interface is well designed, which is why it gets an 8 out of 10 from me.


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