Socialite Review

Publisher: Apparent Software–Price: $19.95–Socialite is a Mac application that allows you to keep track of all your social networks in one place. For most people, this is very useful, as having to check Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, and all that other stuff can prove to be time consuming. The concept alone makes Socialite an attractive application for almost everyone with a social network account. Startup is easy, there is a plus sign at the bottom left, where you can chose which networks to add, enter your username and password, and Socialite automatically syncs with any social network, with all of its important components. The user interface of the app is superb: on the left are all of the internet networks you’ve synced with Socialite, and they are broken down into categories for easier browsing (eg: Facebook is broken down by status updates, links, pages, photos, etc). You can also easily manipulate the look of the app, and get it just the way you like, by moving and resizing the feed toolbar and content area. Perhaps the most amazing part of Socialite is its functionality. You can like, comment, reply, retweet, and quote people directly from Socialite! Overall, what’s real nice about this app is that you can have everything in one place: not just your social networks, but your Google Reader account as well, which is rare and impressive. One suggestion I have for Apparent Software is to add a setting for Socialite to stick to the top toolbar instead of a dock icon, because I for one have too many icons on my dock to begin with, and it would add some simplicity to the application for those who want it. I did like this application, because it’s stable, has a great interface, and the concept itself is one that will appeal to wide array of consumers. 9.5 out of 10.


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