MusicSkins Review

Seller: MusicSkins, LLC–Prices: Usually $15 for iPhone, $20 for iPad–A skin is a stick-on (but easily removable) protective layer that is available for most electronics. MusicSkins makes unique skins featuring popular bands, TV shows, and art, to protect all of these electronics. You can also design your own case on their website. I reviewed a unit for 5th gen iPod Nano, and was very impressed by the quality. This isn’t just tape that covers up your device, it’s really high quality stuff. What’s good is that it’s somewhat thick material, so it does do a good job as far as protecting the device from scratches. Obviously, installation isn’t hard, you essentially just stick the skin in the proper position. Accuracy is crucial for some models though, like the ones with cameras. But once you stick it on right, it just looks fantastic: the unit I tested was the Beatles, and as an avid Beatles fan, I felt some new love for my newly-masked iPod. As you can see below, they are well designed, with intriguing artwork (in my case, there was the Beatles logo on the front, and the each player’s face on the back. Overall, MusicSkins is great. It’s high-quality, easy to install, and it looks awesome. My only problem with it was the price: 20 bucks for iPad seems fair, but $15 for iPhone seems a bit steep. Despite this, I am convinced MusicSkins is a great product, and I definitely recommend it. Below are some images from my MusicSkins test unit, and you can check out a quick video review on our Youtube.



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