Readlines Review

Publisher: Concept Cache, LLC–Price: $0.99–Readlines is a Google Reader app, that allows you to see all the news from the users you are subscribed to, in an easy and stylish manner. What I really liked about this application was the easy feel: the app asks you for your Google username and password, and then instantly syncs with your account in seconds. It then shows all of the recent updates from the people you’re subscribed to, with big titles, and the author right under it. There are just a few simple buttons: arrows to move, a refresh button to sync, and a settings button. In settings, you can also change things like font and toggle between light and dark themes. The app is great for people who are on the go, and don’t have time to log in to their Google Reader, and just want some quick updates. The one thing I didn’t like about this app was that when you clicked on a title to learn more about the news item, you were redirected to a mere Safari link. What’s that about? So when I’m done reading the article, I’m forced to go back to the app? My suggestion for the developer is to add a way to view the full article on the internet without leaving the app. Overall, I liked the sleek user interface that Readlines boasts, but I think it could offer a bit more, like an in-app browser for articles. This is why the app gets a 8 out of 10 from me.


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  1. Thanks for the review Sam. We’ve submitted an update to the app to include an in-app browser for viewing the full article, as well as sharing to popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper, Read It Later and Tumblr.

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