Pixelmator Review

Publisher: Pixelmator Team–Price: $29–Pixelmator is an image editing software for Mac with premium features and a simple user interface. With programs like Pixelmator, which have many different customization and editing options, a simple and easy to understand user interface is quite hard to achieve. The user interface shows that Pixelmator is a modern program, but don’t let the cute interface fool you: it’s full of brains. I own Photoshop CS5, and Pixelmator definitely comes to that level, maybe even beating Photoshop. I’m always a little bit confused with Photoshop, because I never know which tools to use, or how to edit or retouch a certain aspect of my photo. With Pixelmator, it’s straightforward and easy. Pixelmator has an abundance of tools and features, like the clouds filter (1 of the 130 other filters). I also liked the different size presets when you create a new project, like iPhone desktop and iTunes artwork. On Pixelmator’s website, they have a ton of cool tutorials for the app, like how to create water text, a melting face effect, and more. Check that out here. A suggestion I have for the developer is that when you save, you have to save in a Pixelmator file format, and then an additional copy in JPG, PNG, etc. Most of the time, I really just need the JPG file, because I won’t need to go back and edit my file. There should be a way to just save one file, in whatever format you want. Other than that, I thought Pixelmator was a great application, with a great user interface, features comparable to Photoshop, and a very attractive price. 9 out of 10, Thumbs up.


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