Momento Review

Publisher: d3i Ltd. — Price:$2.99 — Momento is a journal app that takes a unique approach compared to all the other note-taking apps out there. Some interesting feautres include the ability to browse the entries by date, searching by tags, as well as installing a passcode on the app itself. You can also add diferent feeds to the app, such as facebook, twitter, flickr,, Foursquare, Digg, Youtube, etc. You can also rate your entries by stars, with the max being five stars. You can tag people from your contacts in your entries, as well as events from your calendar. Momento even allows you to tag different places. You can create your own custom tags, and you can even include pictures in your entries. This shows that this app really focuses on organization and makes it easy to find entries based on all these specifications. You can different moments such as “private” moments, and “imported” moments. You can also change your settings to manage your different feeds, as well as setting times to different entries. You can even back up your entire database as well as export data and store it and archive it somewhere else. Overall, Momento is a very go0d app for note/journal/ diary entries because it makes it easy for the user to sort their entries, and also has a smooth and easy to use interface. The app doesn’t crash very often, which is good, and also comes witha classic wooden look. Because of the looks, interface, and incredible features of the app, I give it a 9.5 out of 10. Thumbs up!


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