Fling Review

Publisher: CandyCane, LLC–Price: $0.99–Fling is a puzzle game where the goal is to knock out all of the Flings (cute little furry things) in order to advance throughout the levels. The user interface of this game is interesting: it has wood style menus, and the theme of the game is a grass backgrounds. Four additional themes are in Fling, 1 of which you can get for free (aside from the classic theme of course). The aspect of the game that blew me away was the fact that there are 10000+ levels included in the game. That pretty much means you can play a game each day, and you’ll only start re-playing the same levels after 30 years. There are also different game modes, like free play, arcade, and challenge, which is a clever idea, because one can get stuck on a level in free-play. The game includes a good tutorial, which is good, because there are a few specific rules one should know before playing. Also, when you’re stuck on a level, you can use hints, or just skip it (but this will result in you needing to play an extra level before passing the checkpoint). Overall, I really liked Fling. It’s a stable app with a good interface, and the game is original and fun. At just one dollar, it’s a great buy, and I definitely recommend it. 9.5 out of 10, Thumbs up.

On the left is the classic theme, and on the right is the fruit theme.


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