Due Review

Publisher: Phocus LLP — Price: $2.99 — Due is an app that allows to set specific times on different events to increase your work efficency or be on time, basically anything that needs a timer. You can set timers but not activate them until later. The app comes with a logbook which is to be used when timers have not been completed on time and the date ahs expired. YOU can use the logbook to reactivate those timers. There are different sound effects to be used for different events such as whether the event has finished, started, etc. You can also back up your different timers and export/ archive them somewhere else. You can even syc your events to your dropbox if you have one. If you finish events before the timer ends, you simply just go to the timer, and touch to mark it as completed. The timer will then go in the logbook. You can use the logbook to go to an event and then reactivate it and set a different time length or/ and date on it. You can also customize your sound effects to your preferences and idiosyncrasies. Overall, Due has unique features that not many timers has such as logbook, but the user interface is a bit complicated and could be a little bit more simpler, so it gets an 8.5 out 10. Thumbs Up!


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