Tasty Planet Review

Publisher: Dingo Games–Price: $0.99–Tasty Planet is an arcade game in which you play as a blob of detergent and you have to eat things in order to grow and progress through the levels. The concept of this game is abstract, yet unique, and I’ve had lots of fun imagining that my figure is actually a growing blob eating whole buildings and the people around them. There are tons of levels included, from the microscopic stage to the outer space stage (where you can eat stars). With arcade games, I usually get bored after a few levels, but this game keeps you interested, because as you grow you can eat bigger (funner) things. The mini-comics between growth stages that explain how the blob was created are also entertaining. The awards are broken up into three areas: bronze, silver, and gold, for which you have to beat a certain time to get. There are a few different ways you can control the blob: either by accelerometer, joystick, or gestures, and these three options are quite handy. You can toggle through them in game options. The problem I had with Tasty Planet was the constant crashing: the game would crash practically every time, so it really needs some touchups stability-wise. Overall, I thought Tasty Planet had a clever concept and fun gameplay, but all the crashing really affected my experience with it. This is why it gets an 8 out of 10 from me.


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