Radium Review

Publisher: CatPig Studios–Price: $9.99–Radium is a simple Mac application that allows you to listen in to any radio stream quickly and easily. You can tell the developers wanted to create a simple interface: the app neatly sits on the top toolbar, and when you click, opens a spotlight-style search for streams. Despite its simplicity, it has lots of advanced features: you can include your Sirius XM Radio account, or paste in a radio feed URL, which is great. I didn’t feel the need to do this, as just searching for radio stations brought up a ton of great ones. What I love about Radium is its simplicity: essentially, the app is just a search bar, but it does so much more. iTunes is the slowest and least responsive program I have on my Mac, and it’s always such a drag to get radio from there, and Radium seems to be the perfect solution to my problems. The radio clarity is great, and there’s even an equalizer, which comes with lots of different presets, to tweak your sound to perfection. Overall, Radium is an amazing app: it has just the right amount of simplicity, but still has some awesome features. It’s (literally) music to my ears! 10 out of 10, Thumbs up.


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