Elasty HD Review

Publisher: Creaceed–Price: $49.95–Elasty HD is a movie editing software for Mac. It includes tools such as stabilization, special effects, retiming, etc. What’s great with this program, that other programs like iMovie don’t have, is the simplicity of the program. When I open iMovie, I’m sometimes overwhelmed by all the buttons and menus one needs to go through to execute simple editing tasks. In Elasty, the app opens in a small window where all you have to do is drag and drop your movies. After this, the interface of the application is self-explanatory, most of the things you’ll need are found in the inspector. Elasty’s engine is also good, as when you chose an effect, your movie is instantly rendered, no loading or waiting. Elasty also has motion tracking, which means you can put a probe somewhere in your frame and apply an effect to it, and the desired effect will follow the probe. This can make some really funny videos! The app is stable, too, it didn’t crash when I was testing it. A few suggestions I have for the developer are to add more effects, as 14 effects really isn’t enough if the application costs fifty bucks. Also, there should be a feature that enables you to upload your video directly to YouTube or Facebook, because exporting it as a Quicktime file that you need to subsequently upload is too much of a hassle. Overall, I thought Elasty was OK. It had a nice interface and cool features, like the instant preview and probe tracking, but it lacks content, and the exporting process could be enhanced. This is why Elasty gets a 7.5 out of 10.


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