Save That Plane Review

Publisher: Wojchiech Grupa–Price: $1.99–save that plane is a game where a plane has no more hydraulics systems and you need to control it with the engines. What struck me when I first opened the app was that there were no instructions. The only place I did find instructions were in the app’s description, and who wants to go there to figure out how to play a game? It was a pain to leave the application just to figure out how to use it. One thing I liked about the gameplay is that you can choose different cities, adapt the Google Maps in the background, and that you can set it to a hybrid, where you can see the buildings and terrain you are flying over. It’s nice that the app has Game Center support as well, which is becoming increasingly popular. The user interface could be improved too, as the developer should take advantage of making it look like an airplane cockpit. Overall, I didn’t really like this game. It has potential, but it was confusing, and very hard to win or even pass the game. With that said, I am waiting for an update, because I truly think this could make a better game. 6 out of 10.


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