Air Display (iPhone Version)

Publisher: Avatron — Price: $9.99 — Air Display is an app that allows you to turn your iPod/iPhone/iPad into an external monitor. While the concept was quite innovative, the interface on our medium(iPhone), wasn’t that smooth. For one thing, using Air Display on the iPhone isn’t that practical. For one, theres no point in really adding a 3.5 inch diagonal to your already average 14 inch screen. Another thing is that for $9.99, you’re gonna typing on your computer, would you really look at your iPod screen? What’s the point of adding a screen where there is barely enough space to add an image. Now, I’m not saying that this app won’t be useful on the iPad (which would actually add quite a bit of screen area), but for the iPhone/iPod Touch, it really isn’t worth it. The one thing that the app is good for is for watching video sites on ur iPod that you can’t normally watch on your iPod/iPhone such as Hulu. At least the app they promised is there. Avatron said that they would deliver a working external display, and they did just that, though it might not be that useful on the iPhone. A suggestion I have would be to maybe make 2 separate apps, one thats optimized for iPhone. On the iPad, I would have probably given this a more favorable review, for now it gets a 7.5  out of 10.


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