Last Temple Review

Publisher: GameLab–Price: $0.99–Last Temple is a puzzle game where you have to match three items together to win points, and advance through the levels. The gameplay has this unique style that immerses you into cave-like scenery, and the user interface also matches this, which adds a kick to the game that I enjoyed. It’s really addictive, too! At the end of each level, you are ranked either bronze, silver, or gold, based on your final score. There is a wide variety of levels, which means you won’t get bored, and they all have different aspects. For example, some levels are only partly light up, so it’s super hard to pass:) What’s also nice with this game is that it has Game Center and Openfeint support, so you can compare scores with your friends. Last Temple has a fairly good tutorial and overview of the game, plus it gives you specific instructions pertaining to each level in usually just a phrase so you know what to do. A suggestion I have for the developer is to integrate Twitter and e-mail, so as to quickly Tweet your score, or challenge your friends via e-mail. Overall, Last Temple is a fun game, and it’s definitely worth a buck. Aside from a few tweaks and upgrades that should be made, it’s a pretty solid game; 9 out of 10, Thumbs up.


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