Lifestyle Clock Review

Publisher: Apps and More–Price: $0.99–Lifestyle clock is a clock application that allows you to customize the display of your iDevice, and then add elaborate sets in front, to make a stylish clock. It features a couple different designs, like blue LED and cuckoo themes. The settings let you toggle between the themes, as well as add alarms and “tricks.” Those are when the clock makes fun sounds at the top and bottom of the hour. The sets can be purchased on the apps and more website, and cost a few bucks, and they are definitely worth it! The set includes a holder for your iDevice, as well as some faceplates to add style to your time. You can take them on and off easily, because it’s just velcro, so I had fun switching between faceplates. You can move your clock around the display so it fits perfectly with the faceplate as well. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this app, and I think ordering the set of faceplates makes it all the more hilarious. I do think it could use some more themes (for example, different color LED’s) as the app lacks variety in that area. This is why the app gets a 9 out of 10 from me, Thumbs up.



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