Moto X Mayhem Review

Publisher: Occamy Games–Price: $0.99–Moto X Mayhem is a motorcycle racing game where you guide your cyclist around a few different islands through various stages and levels. I really liked this game because it implemented the iDevice’s accelerometer (you have tilt your iDevice from side to side to tilt the motorcycle), because the “ragdoll” physics made the game much more fun. The menus had this island feel which I really enjoyed, and the scenery was also elaborate and interesting. It includes 4 levels with various stages, plus an in app purchase that adds a new level. Despite this, I feel like the game could have so much more to it, content wise. For example, this would be a perfect Game Center game, as you could see your friends’ times on Game Center leaderboards, and maybe play short races together via Game Center as well. There is a good set of instructions that is easy to understand, as well as a brief run-through basic controls at the start of a new level. Aside from the application, the game itself is just amazing. It’s so addicting, and no matter how many times  replay each stage, I never get bored (especially the final stage, that one’s the hardest!). Despite this, the application did have some major stability issues, as it crashed a numerous amount of times. Overall, I liked Moto X Mayhem because of its simplicity and amazingly fun gameplay, but I think there is more content to be added, and stability needs to be improved. 8.5 out of 10, Thumbs up!


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