Wispin Review

Publisher: Grumpy Face Studios — Price: $0.99 — Wispin is an app that is reminiscent of Plants vs. Zombies, however instead of shooting enemies, you simply go to them, and as soon as you touch them, you take them out. Wispin has a joystick control option and an acclerometer control option, so that you have multiple ways to move your character. The game feautres different colored characters, so in order to wipe them out, you must use the enabled color wheel.The color wheel allows you to change your color, which is important because you have to be the same color as the character that you are wiping out. As you move on, the monsters within the game increase in both size and difficulty. At first the enemies are look like little blobs, but within a few levels, they start to gain shape and they look like full fledged beasts. Wispin comes with Gamecenter capability which allows you to compare level high scores with your friends. You can also use Wispin with multitasking, which is a highly useful feature. The graphics work beautifully with the new retina display that is equipped with the  iPhone 4 and the new iPod touch. The app is pretty stable and hasn’t crashed even once in the time that I have been using it. My only suggestion would be to somehow find a way to save the level that the user is at. Overall, Wispin was an easy to use app that was delivered nicely at a reasonable price so I will give it a 8 out of 10.


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