Kuboku Review

Publisher: Creaceed–Price: $1.99–Kuboku is a 3D sudoku game for iDevice. It features 1000 levels, Game Center integration, and allows Twitter and Facebook sharing for your scores. What’s really cool about the app are the 1000 levels, because it essentially means you’ll never play he same game twice. The gameplay is simple: there are 8 numbers on the right, and you need to find what number is missing, and tap it. The user interface is normal, and the graphics are good too. I liked the Game Center integration and the Twitter/Facebook integration, as it helps me keep track of my scores and brag to my friends. The timer is also useful, as it is another aspect one can try to improve. Overall, Kuboku is a pretty fun game. It has some good features, and a unique take on a classic game. With that said, one thing that was weird is the view of the 3D cube, as sometimes, I couldn’t even see the missing number. That’s why it gets a 9 out of 10, Thumbs up!




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