Calcbot Review

Publisher: Tapbots–Price: $1.99–Calcbot is a calculator application with a modern/scientific user interface that records your results, includes scientific functions, and is fun and easy to use. My favorite part of the application is the user interface: when I reviewed Convertbot, also by Tapbots, I was also impressed by the interface, but  the interface in Calcbot is even better in my opinion. It is super modern, and, if you turn on sounds, it has these awesome science sounds (that are hard to describe). The app itself is also quite intuitive, as every time you hit enter, it records the result, and you can see this history by swiping up. Then, you can export what you see into your clipboard, email it, use it as a result, or even use it as an expression, which can be useful (especially if you’re an accountant). One suggestion I hsve for Tapbots is to enable landscape mode, as this would make the app even better. Calcbot’s cool user interface, and its good functionality. For two dollars, it’s useful and smart, so it gets a 9 out of 10 from me, Thumbs up.


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