PhotoPresenter Review

Publisher: Boinx–Price: $29–PhotoPresenter is a Mac app by Boinx that allows you to display your photos in an elegant slideshow format, using a variety of themes. When I first opened PhotoPresenter, the first thing I noticed is the great user interface. It’s easy to learn and easy to use, which enhances the whole experience you have using it. On the left, there is a panel that allows you to import your pictures from iPhoto, MobileMe, Photo Booth, Flickr, and your computer, as well as a quick way to access your previously created slideshows. There is also an array of tools towards the top of the window that is used for editing and preparing a slideshow. There are lots of different themes to use, including Cover Flow style, 3D themes, and more. I had lots of fun just trying out a ton of different themes, until I found the one I liked. You can change settings in your slideshow, like text settings, as well as adding music in the background.You can easily preview your project, as well as export it to iPhone format, iWeb/iDVD, Quicktime, and more. However, I did encounter some issues when testing the application: it froze up at least five times, and there was a crash, meaning the app wasn’t stable overall. Some suggestions I have for the developer are, aside for improving stability, to include a way to upload your finished product directly to Facebook or Youtube, as well as to allow two to three different themes in a project, as one theme does get boring when you have a lot of pictures to show. Overall, I liked this application because it allowed you to create great projects and has a stylish user interface, but it still needs work stability wise, and could use some more options when you edit your project and when you export it; It gets an 8 out of 10 from me.


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