Calvetica Review

Publisher: Mysterious Trousers, LLC–Price: $2.99–Calvetica is a calendar/agenda app that focuses on planning things and getting things done in a quick and easy fashion. Let me just start by saying I was blown away by the clean user interface and overall functionality of the app.

The UI consists of just a few buttons, as well as a great deal of swiping. The accelerometer is also used in this application, as it features a landscape mode, which displays your events in a different view. Another thing I liked was when you opened up the app, and an elegant calendar of the month showed up, with dots on days (each dot symbolizes an event). This an easy way for one to see if they are free that day or have plans, without having to look at an hour by hour breakdown of each day. The app also has a good FAQ in the help area, which is useful as this app isn’t very self explanatory. A suggestion I have for Mysterious Trousers, LLC is to streamline their settings, as part of it is included in the app, and part of it is found in system settings. My recommendation is to put all the settings inside the app, as going to the system settings to tweak an app is annoying. Overall, I think Calvetica is a great app, because it has an elegant UI, is stable, and it’s a good way to keep all your events, appointments, and everything else, in one place. 9 out of 10, Thumbs up.
Update 7/23/11: the new 4.0 update revamps Calvetica’s whole UI, and adds gestures to the app as well. The updated look in in the last pic.



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