SpaceFrak HD

Publisher: Jurgis Games — Price:$0.99 — Space Frak HD is an app that takes you back to the old school days of arcade games. Space Frak HD is a classic space fighter shooting game, which takes you through a journey of many different environments and playing scene, as you progress to new levels throughout the game. An interesting fact to know is that the backgrounds of the levels are actually based on real life space footage. As you move on, the number of enemy battleships and other enemies (including drones) increase. However, you also get new power-ups which ups your shooting ability to various levels. Some of the power ups include health bonuses, triple shooting, as well as a machine-gun like ability. If you shoot more ships at once, in other words, getting combos, powerups will be more likely to appear in the levels. The app in itself is fairly simple and it doesn’t require much instructions to play. You simply tap in the direction you want to shoot, and it will shoot in that direction. If you want to charge for a more powerful shot, you simply just tap and hold in the right direction, and when the shot is at whatever charge you want it, simply release to fire. Space Frak also contains Gamecenter capability, and will post “feats” to your Gamecenter when you achieve them. Overall, this is a fun app with stunning graphics for its price, and it delivers great with no problems in stability so it gets a 9 out of 10. My only suggestion would be to add more levels to the game or else it gets a bit repetitive.


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