MacWorld 2011 in Review

AppRecap was really psyched to attend the MacWorld Conference this year. We attended the exposition, and got to meet dozens of companies and individual developers, and we got a ton of review units for various things. What this means for you is more reviews of new things: Mac apps, iPhone Apps, and Hardware (iPod Cases, external hard drive, mics, etc) We got to see some sneak peeks to new hardware that hasn’t been released yet, like the new Seagate Hard Drives:

The new drives start at 320GB of storage space and were TINY, the Seagate representatives said it would be released in April. We also saw a new pro version of the Blue Mic Yeti, which you can check out on their site, that is released Tuesday. There were a wide variety of developers and vendors: but I think the #1 item that was sold were cases, as case vendors were all over the place. Also, there was a huge hype on iPad apps, which was curious at the beginning, but then I realized that this was the first MacWorld with iPad (it was released in April of last year). As I left, I realized this year’s MacWorld exceeded my expectations: people speculated it would be a poor experience without Apple, but there was still a high attendance, and lots of people were buying things. All in all, I enjoyed MacWorld, and I’m sure me and Vic will be attending again next year!

Above is iFusion, this really cool product that lets you dock your iPhone to use it as an IP Phone on your desk, or wherever you are, charging it too.


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