Harbor Master Review

Publisher: Imangi Studios — Price:$1.99 — Harbor Master is an app that simulates the experience of controlling boats so that they go in and out of the harbor safely without crashing into each other. This app is similar to a #1 bestselling app Flight Control. However, the apps are different because te harbor has more ports which means that you have more options to direct the boats. The app provides multiple scenes and different environments so that the atmosphere is different for you to play in. The app comes with a total of seven different maps. Although the app doesn’t come with gamecenter, it comes with the ability to share to twitter. You can also use the multiplayer function to play against other players and compete using Bluetooth capability. The graphics on this game are also decent. On the retina display, it looks fantastic. The gamplay and interface is quite simple. The game utilizes the touchscreen by allowing you to draw a path that commands each boat to go in a certain direction, and then lead it towards its port.Overall, the game is quite a nice and simple game, which comes with a low price, and it even includes some extra features, so I give it a 9.5 out of 10. My only suggestion would be to add maybe different modes to the game in some kind of way. Other than that, this was a great game! Thumbs Up!



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