Flight Track Pro Review

Publisher: Mobiata–Price: $9.99–Flight Track Pro is an application that allows to track flights in realtime, as well as access seatmaps, view terminal information, and more. This app has a really clean user interface with easy buttons and navigation. I was also blown away by the amount of flights it could track: I went to Paris six years ago with my family, and Flight Track Pro was able to track that flight (even though the airline stopped flying it)! Flight Tracker Pro can also display what type of aircraft is flying the route, and show where it is on a map of the world. Mobiata also has an application called FlightBoard, which can also function inside the app as a flight board for any airport you chose. What I liked about Flight Track Pro is the fact that it goes beyond the usual flight status monitors that are found on every airline’s website: this has some very useful features, like statistics for the route in general, terminal maps, seat maps, and flight progress on a world map, all in one place. With that said, ten dollars is a very steep price to pay for these features, as they can all be found on the web (I checked-it takes way more time, though). My suggestion is to offer the FlightBoard app integrated for free into the Pro version, or lower the price by at least four dollars. Also, there should be a way to email the latest statistics of a flight, as this could prove versatile. Overall, this application is steady and is loaded with features, which is why it gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me, Thumbs up.


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