BaldBooth Review

Publisher: PiVi & Co–Price: $0.99–BaldBooth is an entertainment application that allows you to take pictures from your library or your camera of people, and see what they would look like if they were bald. First thing’s first: this is a great concept, and of the 190+ apps I own, I can honestly say I’ve never seen an app with a concept quite like this. I like the fact that you can take instant pictures from a camera, as I have few pictures that fit the BaldBooth requirements. A downside in this app is that there are some requirements for the pictures that can be used: hair cannot be covering the forehead and both ears need to be showing, which means lots of photos are ruled out. At first, all these requirements seem extensive, but a good and a bad example of a picture are included in the directions. The user interface of BaldBooth is very cool: it has this “hair loss” style, which cracked me up, and is easy to use. You can also easily email, upload (to Twitter/Facebook), or download (camera roll) your image, which is especially useful for this app, as for me, the first thing I want to do with my new bald picture is share it with my friends! A suggestion I have for PiVi & Co is to lower their standards for pictures that can be used (I know this is very hard to do, as you need a good picture at the start to make a decent bald picture at the end). This would enable BaldBooth to appeal to a wider variety of photos, which in turn improves the app’s quality. Overall, this app gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me, Thumbs up.


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