Nebulous Notes Review

Publisher: Nuclear Elements–Price: $1.99–Nebulous Notes is an application that allows you to take text file notes, and upload them to DropBox, a free online cloud storage service, as well as export them by email and as a PDF. What’s real cool about this app are the different styles of writing and various fonts that are included, as these are things that set apps like Nebulous apart from the regular Notes application that’s included with your iDevice. It also has other handy features like word count and macros, which you don’t find in some other note taking apps. Nebulous Notes also has the ability to upload to DropBox, a free cloud storage website that gives you 2GB with a free account, as well as export them through an attachment, a PDF, print it, or (this is the most useful to me) embed inside a new email. One suggestion I have for the developer is to update the user interface: it seems a bit cumbersome and could use some streamlining. Other than that, the application is stable, packed with features, and useful, which is why it gets a 9 out of 10, Thumbs up.


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  1. I love your transitions and quality.

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