Nib Clock

Publisher: HYBRIDWORKS, Inc–Price: $1.99–Nib Clock is an app that instead of displaying the now common digital clock, takes you back to the time when analog clocks were still popular. However, this app adds some new features to the conventional analog clock. Both the hands are customizable, and you can choose an animation to be your second hand as it moves around the clock. The second hand is really the most important function. The animations are extremely creative including one where a wale is blowing water through its blowhole. Nib Clock functions both in landscape and portrait mode. It comes in two color options. Black on white, or white on black. The app itself is crash proof. My only suggestion is to lower the price to 1 dollar, or add more utility value to the app. One way to do this would be to add an alarm clock function. Despite being a bit pricy, Nib Clock is a fun way to customize your iPhone or iPod. Nib Clock gets an 8 out of 10.


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