See This!

Publisher: Boinx Software — Price: $1.99 — See This! is a panoramic app that allows you to capture multiple images of the same area and then combine to make a single image that allows you to see the entire room/area. The app includes multiple backdrops which you can put you image on, such as Vintage Fabric, Polaroid Stone, or Dark Room Table. Depending on which backdrop you choose, the way the iamges are blended together changes. For example, if you use Dark Table, the images are overlapping and fading into each other. Meanwhile, if you use Vintage Fabric, the images are laid out neat and orderly. Fom there, you can save the image to your camera roll, upload them to Facebook, share them on twitter, or email them to multiple people.A cool feature about this app is that you can move the iPod/iPhone up, it uses the accelerometer to figure that out and place the image on top. This app works both in portrait and landscape mode.  My only suggestion would be to improve the stability in a future update. Also, the images when you upload them to the camera are a bit small. If there was a way to make the imaegs bigger, the images would be easier to view. Right now it crashes a bit to often. Overall, See This! is an app worth paying for, because it provides a useful feature to the camera that isnt built in, and allows you to edit and upload on the spot. This app gets 8.5 out of 10 because despite having bugs and problems, it is extremely creative and useful. Thumbs up!



  1. Great info buddy thanks for useful article. I am waiting for more

  2. Always looking for something new to own. Looks like this might be it.

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