PhotoShake! Review

Publisher:–Price: $1.99–PhotoShake! is a photo editing application that enables you to make fun edits to your pictures, as well as upload them to social networking websites, all from your iDevice.  With the new iPod touch boasting two cameras, photo editing software becomes increasingly useful and necessary to iDevice users. The coolest thing about this app is all the social networks it supports. When I was reading the long list, I saw some websites I’d never heard of before! The user interface is also pretty good, but I personally found it a bit too structured (there were 3 stages, and you couldn’t go back to stage one once you started the editing process). Despite this, the developer did a good job encasing the user interface into simple buttons that anyone can understand. The app’s features absolutely blew me away: there seems to be an endless amount of ways you can manipulate your photos (you can add speech balloons, stickers, frames, titles, even add multiple pictures into one document). You can also shake to add a new edit to your photo, which is fun, but some users accidentally shake their iDevice, so there should be a setting to turn that off. Overall, this app has a TON of features and is very useful, and a few touch ups would make it perfect. For 2 bucks, it’s a must-buy, which is why it gets a 9 out of 10. Thumbs up!


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