Carcassonne Review

Publisher: The Coding Monkeys–Price: $9.99–Carcassonne is a board game where you are creating a city with seventy tiles, all of which must correspond to eachother. As you advance in your game , your score starts at 1000 and gets lower, because you are getting closer to the end. This game has both a multiplayer and a “solitaire” mode (with many different game types), as well as a game of the week in solitaire which, obviously, updates each week. I really loved the user interface in Carcassonne, it had this old meets new style (which you can see in the screenshots) which I really liked. Also, the game had an adequate amount of instructions, which helped out the new user. The gameplay itself is based off of a board game that was released ten years ago, and I really loved it. The game is so addicting, I still wake up a few minutes early on weekdays to get a quick game in. This game is also available for iPad, and the developers are currently working on Game Center support, which will make the game even better. The only suggestion I have for the developer is to lower the price of the app: ten dollars is pretty steep, despite it being very fun. Overall, I thought this app was well-made and fun to play, which is why it gets a 9 out of 10. Thumbs up!


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