Deathfall Review

Publisher: Jurgis Games–Price: $0.99–Deathfall is an arcade game set in the afterlife, where you tilt your iDevice to move the skull you control, and try to grab all the items on your path. My favorite part of this game was the scenery, as it is very elaborate and well-made, especially the backgrounds, as they enhanced the whole “death” theme. As you progress through the game, new obstacles come, like spikes and barriers, as well as new items. The physics of this game are unique, too: your character descends, for example (this differs from other arcade games like Doodle Jump) which means gravity comes into play, and you can make your character bounce back up if you missed a crucial item. Deathfall also boasts the ability to connect to Facebook and Twitter to upload your high score, as well as see Game Center leader boards and achievements. Like a lot of other games I’ve reviewed, the main problem with this application is the apparent lack of instructions: the game just starts, leaving the user clueless. I understand this is a self explanatory game, but I really think there should be some instructions, even while the game is loading. Overall, I thought this game was well worth a buck: it had a clever design, useful features, and it just needs some instructions; 9 out of 10, Thumbs up.


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