Popbox Review

Publisher: savageapps–Price: $1.99–Popbox is a music application that enables you to create pop music with your iDevice. I really liked this application because it is a very unique concept that is well carried out. It’s not every day you see applications where you can make music from your iDevice, and record your own beats with the touch of a finger. What’s good about popbox is that you can change between many different grooves, even while you’re recording. Believe it or not, the app really produces CD quality sound, as promised. This app was cool because of the variety of music you can produce, but I wish there was a feature that enabled you to take music from your iPod, to use as background music, as this would increase the app’s reuse value. My expectations concerning the app’s reuse value were actually quite low, I thought that after you played around with it you would be finished with the app, but I was pleasantly surprised, and found that with all the different sounds you can make, you actually don’t get bored fast-it’s a perfect app to pull out and play with for a minute of two. Despite this, I think a dollar would be a better price for this application, as the app could still use some small touch ups (I didn’t understand why the buttons to drag up were so small), and a way to use your music as background music or vocals. A big problem with this app is that you can’t share your recordings, or find them in you iPod, they can only be replayed in Popbox, and this should definitely be changed soon. Overall, Popbox was a good application, it just needs a touch up (especially with the sharing recordings issue), so it gets an 8 out of 10 from me.


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