Ramps Review

Publisher: Backabit — Price: $0.99 — Ramps is an app that challenges you to guide a ball to it’s destination (a pipe) using ramps to control the direction and the slope of the ball is rolls through the level. As you move on throughout the game, different obstacles and challenges appear such as unmovable ramps and and black holes. There are also other contraptions that appear as you progress that oppose your pursuit of completion. The app itself is a fairly simple concept, however the delivery is great. The graphics are nice and simple, but they look clean on the display of any iDevice. Learning the app is fairly intutive. You simply just drag the ramps, and then control the angle of the ramp by moving the ends of each ramp. The app consists of two worlds. Each world is set ina different setting. The first one is set is some kindof volcano while the World 2 is set in an icy landscape. Ramps also comes with a Gamecenter multiplayer capability which allows you to compare scores per level with friends. Ramps gave me an entertaining experience allowing with an easy to use interface, and at only 99 cents, it is a total bargain. I give this an app at 9 out of 10. Thumbs up!


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