ToonCamera Review

Publisher: Code Organa–Price: $0.99–Toon Camera is a photography app that adds art effects to your videos. What’s great is that it’s not just a post-record editor like many apps on the app store, you can record videos straight from the application using the desired effect as well as edit pictures and videos from your camera roll. The user interface is very simple, but lacks something to help you figure it out (I’ll get to that later). It’s very easy to toggle between the nine themes you can use, and you can switch from photo to video modes with ease. The app is missing a short introduction, though, it just opens up, leaving the user clueless. One aspect of the app I really enjoyed was that you can upload your completed work of art to Facebook and Twitter, or E-mail it to your friends, and the fact that all of ToonCamera’s  functions (recording, finding pictures, uploading them, etc.) can be done without leaving ToonCamera, which makes the experience much better. With that said, I am waiting for a better explanation of what the app does or some sort of manual for the interface (I was somewhat lost the first time I opened ToonCamera) and some more effects, as nine three artistic effects aren’t enough. Overall, this app is worth a buck, and gets an 8 out of 10 from me. Thumbs up.



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