The Cartographer Review

Publisher: A Tasty Pixel–Price: $1.99–The Cartographer is a travel application where you can make editable maps from two different sources, customize them, and access them both online and when you’re offline. My favorite thing in The Cartographer was its amazing user interface. I have over 180 applications on my iDevice, and I’ve seen many more, and I can honestly say that this app had one of the coolest UI’s I have ever seen. It gives your app a sort of vintage look, while the map and icons are very modern, which gives it a unique feel. Also, the vintage map effect if customizable in each map, meaning you can have some variety. Creating a map is easy, and The Cartographer will take your location, so you can use it in your map. Like Note Pad, an application I reviewed recently, applications in this genre need to be top notch, as Maps is already included in the iDevice, meaning mapping and travel apps need to have a certain wow factor. The Cartographer meets the wow factor: it boasts advance features and a great user interface. One thing that really needs to be done in the next update is some Facebook/Twitter/Email compatibility, so people can use their current location or their recently published maps to put on the internet for their friends to see. Overall, I was stunned by The Cartographers user interface, and pleased with its functionality, but await some updates that call attention to social networks and email, as this would make the application even better. 9 out of 10, Thumbs up.
Update: the current version of The Cartographer does support e-mail and Twitter.



  1. Hey,

    Thanks for the review!

    Just letting you know, The Cartographer actually does support sharing via email and Twitter. Facebook support’s coming!

    Cheers =)
    A Tasty Pixel

  2. This is truely a great post. I will be coming back for sure

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