Nanosaur 2

Publisher: Pangea Software – Price: $3.99 — Nanosaur 2 is an app that depicts a futuristic world where dinosaur DNA was used to create futuristic dinosaurs. From there, it goes into a Terminator sequence where the dinosaurs start rebelling and might take over the dominant society. One nanosaur ( a pterodactyl) is sent back to recover eggs and fight enemy dinosaurs. The game play experience is pretty amazing  with all the flying, shooting, and the spectacular 3D all in one place. Aside from graphics, the storyline is pretty creative, and the game is pretty challenging. The accelerometer is used to control flight, while buttons are used to do the jet pack, shooting, and other various functions. The game also has a fantastic multiplayer, with 3 different modes available including: Capture the Egg, Battle, and Race. The game can get very hard as you move through, with many different challenges facing you along the way. This app did a good job of combining some very key user elements such as an innovative concept, captivating gameplay, and high quality graphics. My only suggestion for Pangea software would be to give more instructions with the gameplay, and to include more options for the single-player function. Otherwise, there’s only adventure for 1 player. Nanosaur 2 was a creative app, which grabbed my attention, and it gets an 8 out of 10. Thumbs up!


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