Garage Inc Review

Publisher: Breakthrough Entertainment–Price: $1.99–Garage Inc is a time management game where you play as an Italian mechanic who took a loan from his cousin to start his own parking garage in Chicago. You have to try to fix all the cars in the least amount of time, so you can make the money you need to pay back your cousin (it turns out later that it was the “mob’s” money, so you need to pay them back). Over time, your profits increase and you can hire better employees with various skills (hiring is on a one day basis, so you can have an inexpensive worker on Monday and the best worker on Tuesday). One thing I really liked about this game is the way they explained the setting and scenario thoroughly at the beginning of the game. Some games lack this, and it makes it tough to know what’s going on. The directions given are OK, but could definitely be improved, especially in the mini games (I’ll get to that later). The graphics are great, but one weird feature of the game was when Angelo (the main character) works, it seems like 3 animated pictures where he moves his arms around weirdly. As you go on in the game, you find out the money you owe your cousin was actually the mob’s, so you do mini gigs for them at night, entitled “night shifts.” This was probably my favorite part in the game, as they are extremely fun, and timed. The only problem with them is the lack of direction: at one point I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do, and I was sort of stuck. The game is not as repetitive as most arcade games, because of the various new workers, and upgrades that come as you move on up the levels, and even when it does get repetitive, the mini games are there to save the day. My only suggestion to Breakthrough entertainment is to make directions a bit more clear at points, and to add new “night shifts,” as more of these could make the game all the more entertaining in the long run. I think this game is a fun time overall, which is why it gets a 9 out of 10. Thumbs up.



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