iStopMotion Review

iStopMotion is an application that allows you to create great movies using stop motion animation: you take a snapshot after you move an object (that means about 20-30 snapshots for a second of movie times…quite time consuming). Stop motion animation is still used often, in various commercials, like this cool Amazon Kindle Commercial. It adds a real fun effect to movies, and you don’t need a whole set or crew to create one. To review this application, I used the Pro version, which is a bit pricy, so you might want to consider the fifty dollar home version, which has most of the core features offered in the pro edition. At first glance, one of the aspects that makes this app cool is its nifty user interface: it’s easy to learn and easy to use (there aren’t a million buttons and menus all over the place). As for recording, I was limited to my iSight camera, as my new Kodak camera doesn’t have external webcam functionality, but that wasn’t a problem: I cleared the abundance of stuff on my desk, turned the iMac so it was facing a wall, and started taking snapshots. I used the nearest toy I could find, some old lego guy, and had him walk across a surface near the wall. There are a few backgrounds included with the application, but I couldn’t get the chroma key to work well (most likely because of my lack of a green screen, because it has an “auto-detect color” function). The app boasts many advanced features: an example is its 1080p/i HD video recording capabilities. My one recommendation to the developer is to create a way to use bluetooth devices as cameras (like an iDevice with bluetooth) as this would give the user an extra option as far as external cameras, and it would certainly make my life easier. Also, a way to edit your fps (frames per second) after you determine it the first time would be nice. Overall, I really liked this app: it is stable, had a great interface, and boasts a ton of great features, which is why it gets 9 out of 10 from me. A great app!



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