Fruit Ninja

Publisher: Halfbrick – Price: $0.99 — Fruit Ninja is an app that combines the classic captivation of gory blade action with a new take on it. Instead of killing enemies and virtually hitting them, you use a blade to slice fruits with the aim of getting the highest score. There are different modes built into this game including classic mode, zen mode, and arcade mode.  The app has extremely high quality graphics along with the ability to upgrade blades , which each have different functions. This app combines the sensatino of slicing and kinfing with the intesnse image of fruits being sliced in half. The app comes with gamecenter and openfient which provides you with two options for a nice multiplayer experience. This app provides an entertaining look at an app that is the first of its genre. It combines fast action along with colorful creatives. My only suggestion would be to add more features, maybe in future updates, so that the app will provide entertainment for a longer period of time. This app provided combines a flashy graphics, gory pleasure, along with a smooth multiplayer experience, so I give it an 8 out of 10. Thumbs up!



  1. Stan Vickerson

    Great job with your review. I think I am buying this app!

  2. John Smith

    I like victorg96 better than Sam

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