Enigmo 2 Review

Publisher: Pangea Software, Inc–Price: $0.99–Enigmo 2 is the new version of Enigmo (see the review here), a 3D puzzle game. Enigmo 2 brings better graphics, more levels, as well as a variety of minor updates and bugfixes. Another new feature is the outer space themed background, but I don’t understand how this fits into the game or why it was implemented. Despite this, I enjoyed Enigmo two, and felt like it was a good sequel to a great game. I was as much addicted to it as I am to the original Enigmo, and enjoy the stability and simplicity of the app: its user interface is easy to use and quick. For the price (just a buck), I’m pretty satisfied with this game. My only recommendation to the developer is to have a setting to turn off the outer space background, as it may not appeal to everyone. On a side note, I find this app “replaces” the original Enigmo in a way: if you were deciding between getting Enigmo or Enigmo 2, I would recommend Enigmo 2, as buying both of them isn’t wise since they are so similar. As I previously said, I really liked Enigmo 2, and for its price, it’s a great buy. 9 out of 10, Thumbs up.


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  1. Stan Vickerson

    I enjoy your reviews…keep them up!

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