Mac App Store: Hot or Not?

In 2008, Apple released App Store for the iPhone, describing it as a market for various types of applications that are available for download on your iDevice. In the past three years, the app store has developed to over 300,000 available applications, and seven billion downloads. In fact, the App Store is the very base of our website! On January 6, Apple officialy released the App Store for Mac. Toping a million downloads, it was without a doubt a hit. But is it really that great in the long run? When I saw how much success the Mac App Store got on its first day, I rushed out to the Apple Store to get Snow Leopard so I could run it. I was impressed with the sleek and iPhone-like interface, and I was happy they didn’t include the Mac App Store into iTunes, as iTunes is already too crowded (to be covered in a later Hot or Not article). The apps are really nice: there is a good variety, and the apps (especially the good apps exclusively on Mac) are reasonably priced. I think the Mac App Store is great for the customer, as great apps that not many people didn’t know about much before can now be exposed and found in one place. With that said, the Mac App Store isn’t as good for the developer: they get thirty percent less revenue, and sacrifice some control (they might need to cave in to Apple’s requests during the review process). Overall, though, the new Mac App Store is really great (despite some issues developers may have with it), so it is hot. I recommend you get it immediately if you haven’t yet.


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  1. Zach Wolf

    This was an amazing post. For an amateur site you guys are doing fantastic.

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