Note Pad Review

Publisher: Polar Bear Farm–Price: $4.99–Note Pad is an extended version of Notes, which comes with an iDevice, and adds new features like shake-to-create, syncing, organization, and search. I really liked this app because I found it really intuitive overall, with very useful features. One of these is the location folders, which sorts out notes based on the place where they were created. The app is very simple, and the shake-to-create a note is fun and easy to do. As we all know, making a notes app for iDevice is tricky, as it comes with a built in notes application, but I think Polar Bear Farm did a good job with their application: it adds new features that can prove useful, and overall feels like a “pro” version of the included notes for iDevice. The only suggestions I have for Polar Bear Farm is to lower the price: 5 bucks is driving lots of people away, and as I said, there is already a notes application built in, so the price shouldn’t be higher than 3 dollars at most. They should also include landscape typing, which is in the built in notes app. I liked Note Pad overall, though, so it gets an 8 out of 10 from me, Thumbs up.


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