Cut the Rope

Publisher: Chillingo Ltd.– Price: $0.99–Cut the Rope is an app that takes you through the journey of OmNom. OmNom is a being that can only be fed through candy. The candy is usually placed in a position that is unaccessible to OmNom.You have to get the candy to Omnom through cutting ropes, using bubbles, and other such features. Along the way, you try to collect as many stars as possible in order to achieve the highest score on each level. Each set of levels take place inside a box. Cut the Rope takes a unique approach on puzzles while in the meantime providing entertaining puzzles as well as making the overall interface of the app nice. A good feature of this app is that there are two free versions of this app, Cut the Rope Lite and Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, which allows you to get a taste of the app before getting the full version. The full version comes with many more features and a great deal more of levels. My only suggestion for Chillingo Ltd. would be to expand and make an HD version for the iPad. Overall, it is a nice app with decent graphics, and a nice price, so I give it a 9 out of 10.


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