Cro-Mag Rally Review

Publisher: Pangea Software–Price: $3.99–Cro-Mag Rally is
a 3D racing application for iDevice set in a prehistoric era of time. The racing, like most other iDevice racing apps, uses an accelerometer to control the car, and one needs to touch the bottom of the screen to have the car accelerate. There are lots of cars to choose from, as well as nine different race tracks, which adds variety to the game and makes it all the more fun. The cars are based on different concepts of racing such as speed, acceleration, traction, and suspension, which adds a customizable point to the overall racing experience. My personal favorite feature in this game is the beautiful multiplayer designed for game center, as it is well made and works perfectly well.  I really liked Cro-Mag Rally, as it is fun, stable, and well created, with elaborate scenery and vehicular choices. This application gets a perfect 10 out of 10 from me, and my only suggestion is to improve the graphics quality so it looks nicer on the retina display. Thumbs up.


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