Windows Phone 7: Hot or Not?

Windows Phone 7 is a new mobile operated system by Microsoft that was released in November. It is a huge step up from Windows Mobile 6, which was in dire need of an update. Microsoft’s market share has plummeted in the past few years, making it the fifth most popular mobile operating system. The new operating system features a whole new interface involving tiles (links to applications, media, etc.) which the user can rearrange. Unlike Microsoft’s PC operating systems, which attempt to copy Apple for the most part, this new mobile operating system’s interface is bold and new. Windows Phone 7 will have its own application store, which Microsoft said will focus more on quantity than on quality. They are not aiming to have a load of apps like Apple’s App Store (200,000+), but only want the “good apps.” I think Windows Phone 7 is great: it symbolizes Microsoft asking for a second chance, as they redesigned an operating system from scratch. Granted, it isn’t perfect (it doesn’t yet have multitasking yet), it is a step up from Microsoft’s older mobile operating system, so I think Windows Phone 7 really has a chance of succeeding. Even though it’s not beating iPhone, Windows Phone 7 is hot.


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  1. Stig Feif

    I like this article!

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