Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

Publisher: Electronic Arts–Price: $4.99–Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is a racing game where one can play as the cop or as the racer, and hold two careers simultaneously. As you earn more bounty ($) by playing in various events, as well as basic tricks like nudging opponents, you rank up closer to the top (Level 15). Its graphics are actually quite amazing. To be honest, I am always skeptic of iPhone racing games claiming to have “the best graphics” or “quality that will blow you away.” EA’s other NFS title, “Undercover,” on the other hand, does not have as good graphics.
The gameplay is structured and very fun. What I really liked about this game was that you can replay races and earn the same amount of money, but a down side is that the money you earn in this game is idle: you cannot use it to customize your ride or trade it in to get a different car. The app is stable; I only encountered a crash once, but my iTouch has frozen a few times for a second or two during a race, which is a bit annoying when it happens during critical moments in the race. Overall, I really enjoyed Need For Speed, I found it was a big step up from previous editions of NFS on iPhone. The five bucks are definitely worth it, as this game is hours of fun. 10 out of 10, Thumbs up.


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